Fishing Rules in the big pond of Pertnieki.

1.The "Sport Fishing" ticket gives you the right to fish in the big Pertnieki Pond and release all fish caught (except for trout and groceries to be paid for by the Pertnieki Price List), but this ticket also imposes additional obligations and strict compliance with the Fisherman's Rules for angling.

2. When purchasing a Sport Fishing Ticket it is mandatory to fill out a questionnaire specifying the name and telephone number of the angler, as well as presenting a personal identification document, reserves the right not to sell the "Sport Fishing" ticket to persons who are caught in violation of rules or in a cruel treatment of fish.
3. The "Sport Fishing" ticket must be purchased BEFORE fishing, the ticket gives the right to fish in the big Pērtnieku pond on a specific day, from 8.00 to 20.00, the ticket price per person is 20 Euros per family (2 adults and 2 children up to 14 years of age) , but up to 3 fishing rod ) 30 euros

4. The owner of the sports angler ticket must not put the fish in the storage chain, all fish, except for stores and trout, should be carefully removed from the hook and immediately released back into the pond. 

5. All fish should be taken from the water using a catchable mesh, fish and angler photography is permitted only with the use of special "carp beds" or fish in the vicinity of direct observation of fish in the vicinity of the fish, fishing, keeping or keeping them behind the gills is prohibited.

6. It is imperative for the owner of the "sports fishing" ticket to use extracts, hooks, or any other mechanical device that helps to quickly release the fish from the hook and do not brake it.

7. If the owner of the "Sport Fishing" ticket still wants to buy a fish, or has caught a thick or a forelock whose rejection is forbidden, then he is obliged to inform the pond's supervisor by phone and only then can use the fish-stored grid, lay off the fish no fish to be stored.

8. The owner of the sports fishing ticket purchases a 10% discount from the total Price List

 Dear fishermen, these rules are not meant to forbid anything, on the contrary, to allow you to enjoy fishing, the fight with big, beautiful and healthy fish, which can be enjoyed by many other anglers with its own strength and fighting strength.

We respect ourselves, fish and other people's work!