Farmers grow trout, carp and stores. The fish are grown in a local fish incubator and then placed in clean, water-soluble ponds. Once dolomite was in place of ponds. The work stopped, the water was naturally flooded and water reservoirs were created, in which fish ponds were created and equipped. The depth of the trunk is up to 10 meters, the amount of water and the stream are generated by the source waters.
The fish grow naturally, using ecologically pure fish food, which is produced in Europe and in Latvia.

The forehead is caught and delivered to the fish factory, which started its operation in January 2016, using European Union co-financing. The construction of the fish factory has used the latest construction technologies. The fish factory is equipped with the latest generation of technological and production equipment (smoke chambers, packaging equipment, etc.). Currently there are more than 150 different products in the fish factory .